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Learn How to Boost Your IT Maturity with ITSM

In this webinar, John Rakowski, Analyst and Advisor at Forrester Research, will discuss the current state of IT maturity and how to increase your maturity level to improve your services and support. Read more >

Top Tips on How to Make Your Business Users Happy

Axios Systems presents an exclusive live webinar with George Spalding Read more >

Why ITSM Maturity Should Drive Solution Replacement

In this webinar, Eveline Oehrlich, Research Director at Forrester, explores the link between IT and ITSM maturity, and how you can design a roadmap for success. Read more >

The ROI of ITSM – Delivering Business Value Fast

In this webinar, George Spalding (Executive VP, Pink Elephant) and Joe Beighley (Business Solutions Consultant, Axios Systems) explore the ROI that IT and the business can achieve with more effective ITSM software and practices. Read more >

Need to migrate to a new ITSM solution?

Independent industry expert Karen Ferris shares her experience of when and why you should consider migrating to a new ITSM solution. Karen will be joined by Barry Crosby (Solutions Consultant, Axios Systems) and Clive Keylard (University of Canterbury) who will discuss how Axios helped them improve their... Read more >

Using ITSM to increase business user satisfaction and the perception of IT

Forrester Senior Analyst, Stephen Mann, discusses how organizations can use ITSM to better serve their customer needs and expectations. Read more >

How ITSM Solves Business Problems

Sharon Taylor, President and CEO of Aspect Group Inc., discusses how the right IT Service Management (ITSM) strategy and software will help solve your business problems Read more >

BYOD – Trends, Challenges, Pitfalls and Tips

George Spalding (Pink Elephant) explores “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) – the trends, challenges, pitfalls and tips for success, support and security. Read more >

Exclusive Webcast - ITIL V3 Chief Architect's Practical Guide to Leveraging Social Media for IT Operations

Join Sharon Taylor, President of Aspect Group and explore the world of Social Media through the eyes of a Service Management provider. Sharon will dive into the complex ways social media is changing the IT game, particularly its impact on IT Service Management (ITSM). Read more >

How will Social Media impact your IT organization?

George explores the role of social media in IT and debates some of the hot topics of this industry phenomenon. Read more >

Today's Top Service Desk Trends

George Spalding explores service catalog, knowledge management, request fulfilment and service design Read more >

SaaS ITSM for CIOs

Axios Systems and our guest speaker George Spalding, VP at Pink Elephant, discuss SaaS and how it is impacting ITSM. Read more >

ITSM Essentials for Managing the Cloud

If you are implementing a cloud strategy, find out how best practice ITSM processes can help you achieve success. Read more >

Impact of the Cloud on ITSM

Watch Sharon Taylor, Chief Architect of ITIL v3 and prominent industry expert, cut through the hype and provide her insight on cloud computing and its true impact on ITSM. Read more >

ITSM Software: SaaS vs. On-Premise

Eveline Oehrlich (Hubbert), Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, shares practical guidance on choosing an ITSM subscription model that's right for your organization. Read more >

How to select an ITSM Tool from the ITIL v3 Chief Architect

Sharon Taylor explains how to choose the right ITSM tool for your organization. Read more >

Service Catalog Reporting: Step Your Metrics Up A Gear

Whether you are planning on implementing a Service Catalog or already have one, this video explains other metrics you can report on from your data. Read more >

How to integrate Service Catalog with the business

Business and customer buy-in is essential for a successful Service Catalog so it is therefore important to ensure it is integrated with the business for maximum ROI. This video discusses how to get the most out of having a Service Catalog. Read more >

Defining Services for a Service Catalog

Learn how to progress your Service Catalog project with practical guidance on designing and defining your service offerings and advice on getting customer involvement in the project. Read more >

How to build the business case for Service Catalog

We clarify the business benefits of a Service Catalog and offer practical advice on scoping budget for your project and proving ROI to key decision makers. Read more >

ITSM Tool upgrade options

IT Service Management expert Barclay Rae speaks about the key factors organizations should consider when planning an ITSM tool upgrade. Read more >

Successful Service Catalog implementation

Sharon Taylor, the Chief Architect of ITIL v3, explains how to how to go about implementing a Service Catalog successfully. Read more >

How to optimize IT for future business needs

Sharon Taylor, the Chief Architect of ITIL v3, discusses how strategically focused IT Service Management can be used to drive value for the business. Read more >

Cut costs & improve Service Quality with Automation

IT process automation is being adopted by organizations of all sizes. In this recording Axios Systems and Manta Group will guide you through how to reduce your costs and improve IT service delivery through process automation. Read more >

CMDB trends by Forrester Research

Are you trying to succeed with CMDB? Watch Forrester Research's Glenn O'Donnell talk about trends and practices blue chip companies employ to reap the strategic value from the CMDB as the power to drive their businesses. Read more >

What to do when facing IT budget freeze or cut

As we face another year of IT budget freeze or even cut, it is a daunting task to maintain service quality and deliver improved value to the customer. Watch Paul Burns from EMA and ITSM expert Barclay Rae explain how you can adapt to this difficult challenge. Read more >

The benefits of implementing Continual Service Improvement

This video focuses on the importance of CSI, specifically maintaining the continual alignment of IT services with the changing needs of business. Read more >

How out-of-the-box solutions have a rapid ROI

Jean-Pierre Garbani from Forrester Research discusses the growing trend of companies that are switching from customized ITSM tools to out-of-the-box ITSM tools. Read more >

Incident Management - A Practical Guide

Aaron Groh, Manager N.A. Solutions Consultant, and Reg Lo, Vice President, at Third Sky deliver a practical guide to best in class incident management. In the video they explain methods you can use to quickly revise your incident management process which will enable greater customer satisfaction whilst... Read more >

A practical guide to ITIL Service Operation

This video provides a run through of the lifecycle stage, which manages the day-to-day operation of IT services for the identification and reporting of interruptions in the delivery of services and handling of service requests at agreed levels. Read more >

A practical guide to ITIL Service Transition

Integrating services with the business environment can be a daunting task. This video explains how you set success criteria and provide real, measurable business value. You will also learn the fundamentals of transition and release policy. Read more >

A practical guide to ITIL Service Strategy

Viewing the ITIL framework from a business perspective, this video shows how you can integrate IT with the business and align strategies throughout the lifecycle of a service. Read more >

How to have best-in-class IT support

Aberdeen Group's Sr. Vice President of Research, Dr Ralph Rodriguez, discusses the adoption level of certain capabilities for best-in-class IT organizations and their plans for the future. Read more >

ITIL v3's Chief Architect gives an overview

Sharon Taylor, Chief Architect of ITIL v3, provides a back to basics overview of ITIL v3. You will learn how the change in the IT needs of the business evolve over time and how ITIL v3 principles were developed to address them. Read more >

A practical guide on how to build a CMDB

Are you trying to build a CMDB? This video breaks down the tasks of CMDB implementation into several key stages with a project plan. Each stage is explained fully making implementation easy. Read more >

Change Management - A Practical Guide

As business needs change over time so must the IT infrastructure that supports it. Change Management is inevitable but why do major changes become problematic and how can it be avoided? This video explains how to properly evaluate impact and control the implementation of change. Read more >

Practical guide to decreasing incident response times

This video explores how to align Incident and Problem Management. Read more >

Forrester Research - Why is a good CMDB so important?

Forrester's VP of research, Chip Gliedman, presents CMDB and its importance to the enterprise.This video discusses both unified and federated CMDB and shows how you can make CMDB work for you. Read more >

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